Most Interesting Facts about Space

interesting facts about space

here we will see topmost interesting facts about space and our milky way, galaxy, black hole, planets,sun…etc

Facts about Sun:

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The sun contains 99.86% of the mass in our solar system and 100 billion stars in our galaxy. the average radius of our sun is 695508 kilometers.

The sun primarily has two gases Hydrogen and Helium. the mass nearly 330000 times greater than our Earth.

if you weighed 150 lb (68 kg) on Earth,you would weight 4,200 lb (1,905 kg) on the sun.

According to our Space researcher can find sun formed 4.5 billion years ago, our solar system coalesced from a cloud of gas and dust.

90% our solar system mass is concentrated in the sun.if two pices of metal touch in space, they get stuck togather permenently .

Inside the sun we will fill nearly 1 million Earth could be fit and the temperature inside the sun can reach 15 million degrees celsius.

At the sun core point energy created by Nuclear fusion .at this time Hydrogen can converts into Helium.light from the sun takes 8 minutes to reach Earth.

our sun travels at 220 kilometers per second. our sun form 24000 to 26000 light-years from the galactic center. and takes to 225 to 250 million years to complete one orbit of the center of our milky way .

Every year the sun loses 360 milions tons fuel(Hydrojen).and Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe(75%).

Sun is right now at the middle age it means half age is completed and half fuel (Hydrogen) also completed. approximately another 5 billion years after it will change like Yellow Dwarf .

Sun have supermassive magnetic fields .this magnetic fileds are relased by the sun during magnetic storms.this we are called as a sunsports.this magnitic line are twisted and they spin like tornado on earth.

At the tornado times, the sun generates solar wind. this solar wind is a stream of charged particles. which travels through our solar system at approximately 450 kilometers per second.

Aditya-L1 spacecraft mission planned to be launched by the end of 2020. It will study the Sun. The Aditya-1 mission was conceived as a 400kg class satellite carrying one payload.

The International Space Station is the most expensive object ever built at US 150 billons dollars.

Facts about Stars:

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Stars have massive, brights, sphere objects in space. their very hot gas called plasma which is held together by its own Gravity.

Stars energy created from nuclear fusion .in this nuclear fusion Hydrogen can be converted into making Helium. and hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe(75%).

Stars are mostly between 1 to 10 billion years old. recently space ranchers have founded some stars are near the age of our Universe at nearly 13.8 billion old.

The nearest star to Earth is a sun and in the universe, two are more stars are gravitationally linked, they orbit around each other.

The red Dwarf planets have less than half the size of our sun but that was living more than 100 million years past. Neptune is the farthest planet to the sun.

we have seven main types of stars: O, B, A, F, G, K, and M. The O stars are the bright, hot, blue stars and the M stars are the dimmer, cooler, red stars.

the heavy stars that have gone supernova can turn in to the black hole. these black holes have more massive gravity light is also can’t escape from the black hole.

Stars do not blink but the sky will make at night time and the nearest star to earth is Proxima Centauri.

Facts about Milky Way:

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The center of our milky contains a strong and powerful gravitational force.rechers are beliefs that are a black hole.

Our Milky way width approximately 100000 lightyears and the oldest star In a milky way is at least 13.6 million years old.

Mars has the tallest known mountain on a planet of our solar system, with a height of 22 k (14 mi).

The milky way rotates at the speed of 168 miles per second. our milky contains more than 400 billion stars.

Our solar system located around 27000 light-years away from the milky way galactic center the name of Orion’s arm.

Astronomers believe our milky way begins in an explosion called the big bang. after the big bang gas, clod, dark matter pulled in surrounding materials through gravity.

In the feature, our milky way galaxy collied with Andromeda Galaxy in about 5 billion years. before 1924 we have only knowledge about milky way galaxy.

It takes the solar system about 240 million years to complete one orbit of the Galaxy.

On our planet rings are having Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune have rings.

Earth spins at around 1,000 mph and hurtles through space in its orbit around the sun at about 67,000 mph.

Facts about Earth:

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Earth is the 3 planet from the is in a habitable zone. nearly Earth is formed 4.54 billion years ago.

the Earth’s core is about as hot as the sun. and since at least the time of Pythagoras in 500BC, no educated person believed the Earth was flat. Over 500 meteorites hit the Earth each year.

The Earth atmosphere extends up to a distance of 10000 Kilometers .this entire atmosphere we called different types of layers: the exosphere, the thermosphere, the mesosphere, the stratosphere, and the troposphere.

Earth Is the only place in the solar system where water can be present in its three states: solid, liquid, and vapor.

The earth’s diameter distance around its middle at the equator is 7928 miles or 1276 kilometers. and earth distance to the sun nearly 93 million years(150 Million kilometers).

The exact A year on earth is 365.2564 days and earth has super-strong magnetic fields. this field protects the Earth from the effects of solar winds.

Life has existed on earth for at least 3.5 of its 4.5 billion years history and is found almost everywhere on the planet.

the earth is about 4.5 billion years old but that’s only a third of the age of the universe which is 13.5 billion years old.

our earth is located 150,000,000 kilometers away from the sun. the earth travels at the speed of 490,000 miles per hour around the center of the galaxy.

the earth is a tinny comparison with the rest of the universe it could fit into the sun 1.3 million times.

if the sun stopped shines suddenly, it would take 8 minutes for people on earth to notice .because of how long it takes sunlight to reach earth.

we have tides and waves on Earth the reason is Moon .along with the sun, it moves billions of tonnes of water each day.

41% of the moon is not visible from earth at any time and Earth is the only planet not named after a Roman or Greek god.

The gravity on Jupiter is 2.6 times that of the Earth and Earth is the densest planet in the Solar System.

Halley’s comet passes the earth every 76 years the next time it will return will be 2062.

The sun is 330,330 times larger than the earth and the moon is 27% the size of the Earth.

Before tress was common, the Earth was covered with giant mushrooms. and there are about 7500,000,000,000,000,000 grains of sand on Earth.

facts about Asteroids:

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The first Asteroid was discovered Giuseppe Piazzi in 1801. right now we have around 600000 asteroids in our solar system.

The largest asteroid in our solar system discovered.named as ceres are also known asteroid at 933 kilometers or 580 miles across. and the smallest asteroid is discovered by 1991 BA is only 6 meters across.

A peace of Asteroid, the size of the car falls into our Earth’s Atmosphere on average once every year, but it will burn up in the atmosphere before it reaches the ground.

Kuiper belt contains a millions of icy objects size from samll lumps of ice to large objects of 100 km in diameter or more.

It is almost estimated around 35000 Kuiper belt objects that are largest than 100 km in diameter. and quiet is the oldest belt in our solar system.

Facst about Moon:

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Distance between moon and earth approx 384400 kilometers. and there’s no dark side of the moon.

Moon has weaker Gravity than earth. and still, only 12 people have ever walked on the moon. The USA government consider the detonation s nuclear bomb on the moon in the 50’th century.

In the moon, there is no Atmosphere on the moon. a lunar eclipse is when the earth passes between the sun and the moon and shadow is cast on the moon .a solar eclipse when the moon passes between the sun and earth.

The longest possible eclipse of the sun is 7.31 minutes. A full moon is 9 times brighter than a half-moon.

The moon orbits the Earth Every 27.32 days and moons Diametersis 3,476 Km. Moon is 27% the size of the Earth. the earth is seen from the moon, also goes through phases.

Mercury is the smallest planet in ou solar system.jupiper is the largest planet in our solar system.

According to new research, love failure is compared to their lover’s moon its funny lastly.

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