Topmost interesting facts about a kiss

Topmost interesting facts about a kiss

this article we will see the topmost interesting facts about a kiss these interesting facts make your heart smile and this all fact is reached by topmost researchers we have a lot of benefits from a kiss according to research let go see the one by one

1. According to research has shown that man live up to five years longer if he will kiss her wife daily

top most love kiss facts

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2. In the UK according to research the average age for a first kiss in the generation is 15

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3. The world record longest kissing time 58 hours,35 min and 58 sec in 2013 goes to Thailands Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat

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4. long kiss will help to reduce the calories in your body one minute of kissing can reduce the 2 to 3 calories

lose calories

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5. According to new reachers can find if you kiss some new person you change about 80 to 90 million different kinds of microbes

love microbes

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6. at the time of kissing you will use 112 postural muscles and 34 facial muscles this will happen without our knowing

face muscles at kissing time

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7. we have the scientific terminology of the kissing is philematology and the aversion to kissing called philophobia

8. According to research first time, two men are kissed on screen was in 1927

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9. locking lips with some loved one can bring pretty great health benefits kissing helps to lower your blood pressure at this time the heart doesn’t have to work very hard

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10. on-screen the first kiss interracial kiss on television episode show of star trek was in 1996

11. Researchers can found average people can spend two weeks of our lives kissing time

12. Researchers are found the four Vedas in Indian Sanskrit texts 1500 B.C can contain the first mention of a kiss in writing

first mention of a kiss in writing

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13. The biggest old ancient Sanskrit love book the kama(desire) sutra book listed over 30 types of kisses, such as fighting off the tongue

Kamasutra Book love book

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14. In Ireland every year, over 350000 to 450000 tourists gather to kiss the Blarney stone near cork this the most unhygienic tourist place in the world

kissing stone

15. Humans brain can have special neurons that help us to find each other’s lips in the night

love neurons in brain

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16. Compared to all animals kisses chimpanzee kiss is near to the human’s kiss

chimpanzees kiss

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17. According to a new survey, The average woman kisses 29 men before she gets married.

Kiss facts

18. In Indonesia, if you are kissing in public is a crime they will punishable by five years in prison think about if you are visiting Indonesia

19. In the world between 40% to 45% of people would rather kiss their pets than their friends or family.

20. In Japan and China kissing is considered a private activity.

21. According to new reach if you are Kissing Regularly it can help Resist Cheating

22. we have an Oxford English Dictionary that listed 52 words meaning a kiss or kissing.

23. At the time of kissing 66 percentage of people are keeping their eyes are closed while kissing for feeling good emotions

24. Lips are 100 times more sensitive than your fingers.

Lips Kiss Facts

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25. if you have mustache it is illegal to kiss someone in Nevada


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